Young refugees help Greek fire victims

At a time when Greece is experiencing the deadliest wildfire in recent years, a group of young refugees stepped up to lend a hand to fire victims.

Residents in and around Athens noticed the city’s skies cloud over with ash on Monday.

A wildfire, fanned by winds, burned through pine forests and entire coastline villages on the outskirts of Athens, causing Greek authorities to declare a state of emergency.

Over 82 people died and more than 180 were hospitalized, including at least 16 children, while an unknown number of people are still missing.


Having followed the news, young refugees living in Kavala Camp in Northern Greece wanted to help. They joined forces with locals to gather food, medicine and items that could be of use to those injured by the fires or left homeless.

This young team worked together with locals for hours, helping to count and package goods collected at the Kavala municipality, and to organize transfers to Athens.

They even offered first aid kits that had been previously donated to them, saying that they could be more valuable to those in need right now.

And when the locals and Kavala Vice Mayor Dimosthenis Toulkidis wholeheartedly thanked them for their help, they replied:

“You helped us first!”


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