Specialized women’s and men's doctors visiting Serbia camps

A new service from the organization Sexual and Reproductive Health Serbia (SRH-S) is bringing specialized doctors to 6 camps, from now until September 2018.

SRH-S will provide female gynecologists — doctors who specialize in women’s health issues like pregnancy, reproductive health and breast cancer concerns — in:

• Divljana
• Pirot
• Bujanovac
• Sjenica
• Krnjaca (starting soon)

The organization will provide urologists — doctors who specialist in men’s health issues like urinary tract issues and reproductive health — in:

• Obrenovac

🕑Residents of camps with SRH-S’ new program can drop in any day, any time between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. 🕑

What if I don’t live in a camp?

If you live in Belgrade, you can visit SRH-S’ drop-in center. Learn more here on our website.

How will I communicate with the doctor?

A translator will be there to help you speak with your doctor. If you are a woman, the translator will be a woman, too.

What if I need more help than the SRH-S doctor can provide?

The gynecologist or urologist in your camp can refer you to a local health center or a private hospital for more specialized services.

For women, these specialized services include:

  • Routine examinations such as pap smears and breast cancer screenings
  • Testing and treatment for urinary tract infections
  • Help learning about ways to prevent disease related to the reproductive system
  • Information on reproductive health and family planning

For men, these are:

  • Urological examinations
  • Testing and treatment for urinary tract infections

OK, but how do I get to and pay for these specialized services?

Good news: SRH-S will pay for your visit and arrange your transportation if necessary. They will arrange for a peer mediator to come with you to your appointment, and they will even help you with the paperwork.

Just make sure to double-check with your SRH-S gynecologist or urologist before your hospital or clinic appointment to confirm the date and time.

Sounds great, but there’s nothing wrong with me and I’m not pregnant. Is there any reason I should visit an SRH-S doctor?

Yep, you can get a check-up to make sure everything is in good working order. A gynecologist or urologist will notice even small changes in your body that can indicate a bigger problem. That means you can get treatment in time to stay healthy.

Plus, if you have had sexual contact with another person, it’s an especially good idea to get a check-up from a gynecologist or urologist.

The doctor can test you for infections, including ones with no symptoms, and get you appropriate treatment. That’s important because some diseases of the reproductive system can cause really serious problems later.

Can SRH-S do anything else for me?

Yes! SRH-S holds workshops for women and men once a month in each camp where it works. You can learn about:
• Health issues
• Safe pregnancy, delivery and the post-natal period
• How to get help after experiencing violence