All refugees with an AFM: Declare your taxes to avoid fines

If you’ve got an AFM, you need to submit a tax declaration by the end of June — even if you didn’t earn any income.

Everyone who has a local tax registration number (AFM), including refugees and asylum-seekers in Greece, are obliged by Greek law to submit an income tax declaration every year.

In the income tax declaration, you need to outline your income from the previous year.

If you don’t submit this on time, or don’t submit this declaration at all, you will get fined.

  • The deadline to submit the declaration is June 30, 2018. Every year, this deadline is extended for a few more days, but this is only announced a couple of days before the deadline.
  • You can only do it online, through accessing the online TAXISnet platform.
  • You first need to get a key number ("kleidarithmos" in Greek) if you don’t already have one, by visiting the tax office where you received your AFM. You will need this key number to access the online TAXISnet platform.

What to declare?

If you are receiving cash assistance, you don’t have to declare it as an income through this procedure.

You need to declare any source of income you earned in Greece during the previous 2017 fiscal year, working either as an employee or as a self-employed entrepreneur.

Filing this tax declaration is obligatory, even if you have zero income to declare.


The tax clearance certificate

After you submit your annual tax declaration, you will automatically get a tax clearance certificate (“ekkatharistiko” in Greek), which you can print at anytime through the online TAXISnet platform.

You may need a printed copy of this certificate in order to:

  • Inform your personal details at a bank
  • Rent a house
  • Apply for some social benefits
  • Register for social insurance, etc

What if I miss the deadline?

If you don't submit the income tax declaration within the given deadlines, you will get fined. Fines are:

  • € 100 for individuals
  • € 250 for self-employed individuals who own a personal company
  • € 500 for those who run a larger company with employees

An interest of 0.73% is added to the above fines, for every month of delay in submitting the tax declaration.

What do I do if I’m married?

If you are married, you have to submit an income declaration jointly with your spouse. Then taxes and contributions, if any, will be calculated separately for each one of you.

If your spouse has received his/her AFM from a different tax office (DOY), you still need to submit the annual tax declaration together with both of your AFMs included.


Where I can ask for help?

You can hire a private accountant to prepare and submit the annual tax declaration on your behalf.

The estimated cost is from € 30 to € 50 for a simple, zero income tax declaration. A larger fee is charged depending on how complex your income tax declaration is.

Alternatively, there are some organizations that can support you for free.

If you are in Athens, the following organizations can provide free consultation on how to access the online TAXISnet platform and submit your income tax declaration:

If you are in Thessaloniki, here are some organizations that can help:

Best of luck and make sure you get your paperwork in before June 30th!