Two refugees save their German neighbors from burning houses

In the span of four days, two refugee heroes in two different German cities saved their neighbors from house fires.

According to news reports, altogether these two brave men saved three children and two adults.

From WDR:


An Iraqi refugee in North Rhine-Westphalia woke up on November 30 to a cry for help.

Mehvan, 29, looked out the window and saw that the house next door was on fire, and a boy who lived there was trapped inside.

Mehvan ran to get a ladder and leaned it against the burning house. The boy climbed down to safety.

Then the boy’s brother appeared and climbed down, too.

The boys told Mehvan that their father and sister were sleeping in the back of the house.

Together with the police, Mehvan helped save the father and sister as well.

The family was taken to the hospital for smoke poisoning treatment.

Mehvan had been living next door to the family for over a year in Swisttal-Buschhoven, near Bonn.

Here is talking to the local mayor:


From Stuttgarter Zeitung:

On December 3, a refugee and father in Landkreis Schwäbisch Hall, near Stuttgart, rescued his neighbor from a burning house.

During the rescue, the refugee man got smoke poisoning and had to go to the hospital.

The neighbor himself was OK.

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