🇬🇷 Refugee.Info stops operating in Greece 💔

Dear Refugee.Info Greece community,

Back in June 2019, we informed you about a significant downsizing in our team. Our capacity as a program responding to your pressing needs for accurate and life-saving information in Greece shrunk considerably.

Throughout the summer, we tried our best to keep you informed and respond to all the different questions you were sending in, despite our staffing and financial limitations.

😞 Unfortunately, the time has come that we can no longer create any new information or update and moderate the existing content on the Refugee.Info platforms so Refugee.Info Greece will stop operating as of October 1, 2019.

‼️ Our platforms will remain online for some time longer for you to access but we urge you to use the published information with extreme caution ‼️

⚠️ We strongly advise you to cross-check with the national authorities, NGOs and UN agencies that the information you use is still valid since important procedures and processes change often.

⚠️ For the services listed on the Refugee.Info website, always contact the service providers first to check that those services are still available.

🌱 The good news is that the organization that supports Refugee.Info, IRC Hellas, will keep trying to create a fresh, more adjustable and financially sustainable Refugee.Info programme in the future.

At the moment, we are not in a position to say with certainty if and when Refugee.Info will be back and running again, but we are working hard to fundraise for the project and come up with viable alternatives to bring it back to life in the coming months.

We have loved every minute of working with you, answering your questions and learning from your experiences. We have been so amazed to see you grow and connect as a community, and we will miss your stories, your hope, your kindnesses to us and to each other. We hope to be back to serve you with more great information soon.

So this is not a goodbye but a see you soon message!

Until then, stay safe ❤️

🇬🇷The Refugee.Info blog is no longer being updated.

The Refugee.Info team used this blog, from 2017 to 2019,  to share information on news and topics that might have been of interest for a limited period of time.

Information that remained valid for longer can be found on the Refugee.Info website at www.refugee.info, which was last updated in August 2019.

For other sources of accurate information and news updates in Greece visit Mobile Info Team and follow @RefugeeInfoBus on Facebook.