How to prove your address in Greece

In Greece, you must show proof of address to get a:

  • Tax number (AFM)
  • Social security number (AMKA)
  • Bank account
  • Driver’s license

Fortunately, you can often can prove your address with a form.

To prove your address:

  1. Fill out this official form stating your address in Greece. It is in Greek. You can see an English translation of the form here.

If you don’t speak Greek or English, ask a Greek speaker to help you fill out the form.

Do not sign the form yet!

  1. Take the form to a KEP office, a PEDY medical office or a Greek lawyer. (Find your closest KEP office here and your closest PEDY office here.)

  2. Sign the form — only in front of an official or lawyer.

Sometimes banks or authorities in Greece ask for an electricity, water or telephone bill under your name to prove your address. If you don't have any of these, they should accept the official form.

If an official does not accept this form as a proof of residence, contact a legal aid organization for help.

If you're in Athens, you can also contact the NGO Care. Care has recently begun a service that helps refugees cut through Greek bureaucracy.

To make an appointment with Care, call:

+306983747897 (Arabic)

+306983748583 (Farsi/Dari)

+306983750296 (French)