No more cash assistance in Serbia

Starting this month, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Philanthropy will no longer provide cash assistance in Serbia.

When is cash assistance ending?

CRS and Philanthropy distributed the last cash assistance card in April. You can use your card for 4 weeks starting from the date you received your last payment. After that, your card will stop working.

You will no longer receive monthly cash transfers.

Why is cash assistance ending?

The cash program in Serbia was funded through international private and public donors. The donors decided not to provide any more funding.

Can CRS or Philanthropy do anything about it?

Unfortunately, they can't. Both organizations said they know how important cash assistance is to you and your families, but they haven't been able to find the funding to sustain the program.

Will somebody else take over the cash program?

Many organizations have said they are concerned about the end of the cash program, but so far, no one has said they can help it continue.

Is there any other available cash assistance?

We are sorry to report that currently, there are no other cash assistance programs in Serbia.