How a 10-year-old refugee became a celebrity in Serbia

Refugee.Info met 10-year-old Farhad Nouri earlier this year in Serbia's Krnjača refugee camp.

He and his family had arrived in Serbia in December 2016, after fleeing conflict in Afghanistan.

Farhad had a big heart and big dreams. He loved art and used it to help him focus on the future.

He watched YouTube videos to teach himself more difficult techniques.

We decided to make a video about Farhad to share his talent and positivity with others.

Farhad's story spread quickly across the world, and he earned himself the nickname "Little Picasso" in the press.

There was huge interest in his work, and earlier this month a number of NGOs helped organize his first exhibition. He called the exhibition "We Need Kindness."

Many people came to see his work.

And he found himself signing autographs instead of drawing pictures.

Farhad wanted all donations at the exhibition to go to a 7-year-old Serbian boy recovering from brain tumor surgery.

He also sold 11 of his drawings to raise money for his own family.

A week later, the Serbian president invited Farhad and his family for a meeting and offered them Serbian citizenship.

His family hasn't said if they will take up the offer or continue trying to reach their goal: Switzerland.

Not bad for a 10-year-old!

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Cover photo, left: AP/Darko Vojinovic
Cover photo, right: Voice of America