Is my carta d'identità canceled?

Update on January 22, 2019: If you lost your carta d'identità, you have the right to get it replaced as long as you are still registered with the registry office of your local comune, according to Associazione Studi Giuridici Immigrazione.

You can contact a lawyer or legal desk to seek advice if you registered before October 5, 2018, and authorities take your card away or cancel your registration.

Some of you have asked if the carta d'identità, or identity card, for asylum-seekers is canceled now. The answer is a little complex.

The short answer: Since the Salvini Decree was issued, Italy is no longer issuing new carte d'identità to asylum-seekers.

Is this new policy final?

The policy is part of the Salvini Decree. The Salvini Decree went into force on October 5, but it is not yet a law. You can read more about the Salvini Decree here on our blog.

The Italian Parliament is currently reviewing the Salvini Decree and has until December 3 to approve or reject it.

If Parliament approves this policy as part of the Salvini Decree, it will become law and will be final.

I already have a carta d'identità. Is it still valid?

Yes. If you already have a carta d'identità, under the current rules, you can continue to use it as long as it's valid. Our lawyers think it is unlikely that the Italian government will cancel asylum seekers' carte d'identità that are currently valid.

I don't have a carta d'identità yet. Can I still get one?

No. The municipal registry office is the only authority that can issue new carte d'identità. Under the Salvini Decree, asylum-seekers can no longer access the municipal registry office.

That means that under the rules the decree sets, anyone whose asylum request was formalized — meaning they submitted their C3 form — on October 5 or after can't get a carta d'identità.

I already had a carta d'identità, but I lost it. Can I get it replaced?

Under the new rules, you can't replace a lost carta d'identità. That's because asylum-seekers can no longer access the municipal registry office, which is the only authority that can issue a new carta d'identità.

OK, so I can't get a carta d'identità. Is that going to be a problem for me?

A carta d'identità is not essential for asylum-seekers. Italians use their carte d'identità to access certain public services, but most of those services are unavailable to asylum-seekers.  

If you are an asylum-seeker, your permesso di soggiorno will still be your most important form of identification.

What's next?

Refugee.Info Italy is closely following developments related to the Salvini Decree. We will post any updates as soon as we have them.

While this regulation seems to be effective throughout Italy, you may have had a different experience. If this is the case, then please let us know by sending us a message on Facebook, along with any questions you have. We'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.