Hungary to detain asylum-seekers in closed border camps

Hungary has approved a plan to hold asylum-seekers in closed camps at the border until their asylum applications are reviewed.

In a vote on Tuesday, Hungary's parliament approved amendments to the country's laws that allow the plan to go forward.

UNHCR said in a statement that the plan “means that every asylum-seeker, including children, will be detained in shipping containers surrounded by high razor-wire fence at the border for extended periods of time.”

According to the Guardian's report on the rules, Hungary will place children under 14 in protective care.

Under the new rules, if your asylum application is not immediately approved, you will be detained in a camp that you can only leave to go back to Serbia or Croatia.

All asylum-seekers in Hungary, including people inside the country right now, can be put in the detention camps under the new rules, UNHCR said.

The rules also allow police to arrest irregular migrants over 14 years old anywhere in Hungary and send them to the border to be deported.


In addition, News that Moves reports that under the new rules:

  • Everyone in an open camp within Hungary will be transferred to the closed border camps.

  • You can submit an asylum claim only in the "transit zones" at the Serbia-Hungary border.

  • You have only three days to appeal if your asylum application is rejected.

  • If you are detained in a closed camp at the border, Hungary will not issue a "detention order." That means you will have no way to take legal action.

The rules will likely go into effect about eight days after the president signs the amendments into law, News That Moves reported.