Enroll now: Greek public school for refugees 15-18

Update (October 9, 2017): The Greek Ministry of Education has confirmed to Refugee.Info that you can still enroll in Greek high school (lyceum) or vocational high school (EPAL) this year, even if you missed the September 29 deadline.

The ministry asks that you enroll as soon as possible.

This year, Greek high schools will host special reception classes for refugees ages 15 to 18, the Greek Ministry of Education has announced.

Reception classes are core-curriculum classes designed for children who are learning Greek as a foreign language. Students focus on Greek language and mathematics.

You can enroll students in these classes now by visiting a nearby lyceum (the Greek term for upper-secondary school) or "EPAL" (the Greek name for a vocational upper-secondary school).

But hurry! The Ministry of Education is asking you to enroll by Friday, September 29.

Principals who get enrollments this week will apply in early October to host a reception class at their school.

Visiting your nearest upper-secondary school by Friday, September 29, increases the chances that it will host a reception class.

How to enroll

To enroll, visit a nearby school and bring:

If you don't have all these documents by Friday, don't worry — the Ministry of Education has instructed principals to accept your enrollment anyway. You can bring the missing documents in later.

Your children should be under 18 at the time of enrollment.

If you live in an official camp or in urban accommodation provided by an NGO, ask staff on site to help you enroll.

If a school refuses to enroll you

If you face problems enrolling:

  1. Ask the principal to accept your enrollment application and give you a "protokolo number” for it.

  2. Send an email, mentioning the particular school that refused to enroll your student, to eswg.greece@gmail.com.

If you are under 18 and alone in Greece

If you are in Greece without your family, you can enroll, too. Your guardian should bring you to the school to enroll.

If you don't yet have a guardian, go to the nearest school and tell the principal you would like to enroll. He or she will write to the public prosecutor to get a guardian assigned to you.

You can start school while you wait for a guardian to be assigned.

It is best to go to the school with someone from an NGO that supports people under 18 who are alone in Greece. Send us a Facebook message and we will try to help you find one.

If you miss the deadline

Don't worry if you miss the September 29 deadline — you can enroll at any time during the school year.

If you have questions, message Refugee.Info on Facebook.