Greece speeds up processing of Pakistani asylum claims

The Greek Asylum Service has opened a special unit in its Regional Asylum Office in Athens dedicated to working on applications from Pakistani asylum-seekers.

The new unit is expected to cut down Pakistani applicants’ average wait time for a Full Registration appointment — from about a year to a few days.

The Asylum Service said the unit will process 30 to 40 cases filed by Pakistanis each week.

See a map of the Regional Asylum Office.


Will I still get an International Protection Applicant’s Card?

After your Full Registration appointment you will be given an International Protection Applicant’s Card.

Will I be fingerprinted?

You will be fingerprinted when you apply for asylum. After you pre-register via Skype, you will have to go to the asylum office to get your Pre-Registration card. Generally, you will be fingerprinted then.

I have a Full Registration appointment scheduled already. Will the date of my appointment change?

No, the Greek Asylum Service has no plans to change appointments that it has already scheduled with Pakistanis.

You can check the date and location of your Full Registration appointment here:

Enter the “registration number” printed on your pre-registration “white card” to search.

Note: The search tool lists only the Full Registration appointments of people who took part in the Pre-Registration exercise in June and July 2016.

I haven’t yet started the asylum process. How do I do it?

To start the asylum process, you need to call through Skype. Skype ID : asylum.service.urdu

The Urdu Skype line operates for only four hours a week right now. You can check the hours it is operational here.

I can’t get through to the Asylum Service on Skype!

Sorry to hear that! The Greek Asylum Service is aware of the problem. As soon as a new Skype schedule is issued, we’ll let you know.

I registered by Skype after July 2016 — what about me?

During your Skype Pre-Registration call, you should have been told when and where your Full Registration appointment is.

This information is also printed on your white card under the heading “Date of Lodging.” You must pick up your white card in person at the asylum office processing your case.

Unfortunately, if you can’t remember your registration number, or where or when your Full Registration appointment is, you will have to start the process again through Skype.

The photo below is an example of a card received after pre-registering via Skype.


Circled in blue is the date of the appointment. Circled in yellow is the location of the appointment.

I need legal help!

If you need legal aid, you can email Advocates Abroad at

Other legal aid options can be found here.

I have other questions!

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