Greece reschedules 2,400 Full Registration appointments

The Greek Asylum Service has moved the dates of 2,400 Full Registration appointments sooner.

How do I know if I am affected?

If you were pre-registered in person in June or July 2016 and have not yet had your Full Registration appointment, it is highly likely that the date of your appointment has been moved sooner.

The location of your appointment may have also changed.

Everyone with a Full Registration appointment scheduled after February 1 must check the date and location of their appointment to see if they have changed.

You can check the date and location of your Full Registration appointment here.


Enter your Registration Number, which is highlighted in the photograph here.

The date or location of my appointment has changed. How will I get to my new appointment?

UNHCR will continue to help transport people from camps to their appointments.

If the date or location of your appointment has changed, get in touch with UNHCR at your location ASAP to reschedule transport to your appointment.

When will Full Registration finish?

The Greek Asylum Service has said that by the end of February 2017, everyone who was pre-registered in June and July 2016 should be fully registered.

Who is not affected by these changes?

<span class="credit":>Photo credit: Mobile Info Team

  • If your appointment in Thessaloniki was canceled because of the weather, you are not affected.

Unfortunately, if your appointment in Thessaloniki was canceled last week because of bad weather conditions, the Greek Asylum Service has not yet rescheduled your appointment.

The Greek Asylum Service has said it will reschedule these appointments one at a time. You should wait for the asylum office to contact you directly to reschedule your appointment.

  • If your Full Registration appointment is scheduled for January 2017, you are not affected.

The Greek Asylum Service has changed only appointments scheduled after February 1.

  • If your card says “Case Number” instead of “Registration Number,” you are already fully registered and are not affected.

The Case Number is highlighted in the photograph here.

If your card says “Case Number,” you should go to the asylum office on the date printed on your card under “Date of Examination.” This examination is your next appointment.

  • If you did not take part in the in-person Pre-Registration exercise in June or July 2016, you are not affected.

  • If you were pre-registered over Skype, you are not affected.

The photo below is an example of a card received after pre-registering via Skype.


Circled in blue is the date of the appointment.

Circled in yellow is the location of the appointment. Unfortunately, this address is only in Greek.

To translate this address, you can ask a Greek speaker. You can also send a photo of your card in a message to the Refugee.Info Facebook page, and we will help you translate it.

A translation from Greek of the asylum office names is available in the table below.

Greek English
Περιφερειακό Γραφείο Ασύλου Αττικής Regional Asylum Office Attica (Address)
Περιφερειακό Γραφείο Ασύλου Θεσσαλονίκης Regional Asylum Office Thessaloniki (Address)
Αυτοτελές Κλιμάκιο Ασύλου Αλίμου Asylum Unit Alimos (Address)
Αυτοτελές Κλιμάκιο Ασύλου Πειραιά Asylum Unit Piraeus (Address)
Περιφερειακό Γραφείο Ασύλου Αλεξανδρούπολης Regional Office Alexandroupolis (Address)

During your Skype pre-registration call, you should have been told when and where your Full Registration appointment is.

This information is also printed on your white card under the heading “Date of Lodging.” You must pick up your white card in person at the asylum office processing your case.

Unfortunately, If you can’t remember your registration number, or where or when your Full Registration appointment is, you will have to start the process again through Skype.

I have other questions!

If you have any questions, you can send a message to our Facebook page, and we will try to work with the Greek Asylum Service to answer them.