Greece: Free hygiene supplies ending soon

If you are a refugee in Greece, you may have been getting supplies like soap, diapers and toothpaste from humanitarian organizations.

Starting at the end of July, organizations will have to stop providing all hygiene and personal care items.

Humanitarian organizations will distribute items they have now, but only until supplies run out. After that, you will need to buy these items yourself.


The change is because of new rules that humanitarian organizations have to follow, UNHCR told Refugee.Info. The rules come into effect August 1.

It is happening now because asylum-seekers in Greece are supposed to be receiving enough money through the cash assistance program to pay for their own hygiene items.

How do I know when distributions will stop where I live?

Each location is different. The only way to find out for sure when distributions will stop in your location is to ask the organizations working there.

If your location has a hygiene kiosk, stop by and ask.

OK, so how much do these items cost?

Here are some of the items that organizations will stop distributing, and how much they cost at a typical supermarket in Athens:

  • Soap: €0.80 – €1.30

  • Laundry powder: €5 – €10 (3 kg)

  • Garbage bags: €1.50 – €2.50

  • All-purpose cleaner: €1.50 – €2

  • Dishwashing liquid: €1 – €2

  • Sanitary napkins: €3 – €4

  • Diapers: €4 – €11

  • Toothbrush: €1 – €3

  • Toothpaste: €1.30 – €2.50

  • Sunscreen: €7 – €14

  • Shaving cream: €2 – €4

  • Shavers: €3 – €6 (razors)

  • Wet wipes: €2.20 – €3

  • Shampoo: €2.30 – €5

  • Mosquito repellent: €2.50 – €5

  • Hat: €2 – €6

  • Underwear: €2 – €10

Note: These items could be slightly cheaper at a street market or discount market, and prices may vary by your location in Greece.

What if I’m new here and don't have a cash card yet?

New arrivals at camps will still get a one-time supply of items to cover their basic needs, just until they can enroll in the cash assistance program.

I have another question about this!

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