Family Reunification flights to Germany are taking off again 🇬🇷✈️🇩🇪

177 people, mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, left Greece on Monday to join their families in Germany.

This flight was the first big Family Reunification charter flight since Germany agreed to lift the cap on Family Reunification from Greece in September. (Read more about that here.)

More good news: Everyone in Greece who was approved for Family Reunification in 2017 is expected to travel before the end of 2018, the Greek Asylum Service (GAS) Dublin Unit told Refugee.Info.

Who gets priority for flights?

The Dublin Unit is now prioritizing people in Greece who were approved for Family Reunification:

🇬🇷✈️🇩🇪 To Germany in October and November 2017
🇬🇷✈️🇪🇺 To other EU countries in April this year

❗Important: Let the Dublin Unit know if your phone number has changed. If you were approved to travel to Germany in 2017 and you haven’t heard from the Dublin Unit yet, it is highly possible that they don’t have your updated contact information.

Make sure that the Dublin Unit has your most update contact info by calling them at: ☎️ 2106988748 or 2106988749.

Do I have to pay for my tickets?

No. Family Reunification flights are free, and the Dublin Unit organizes them.

When your turn comes, the Dublin Unit will book your ticket and call you to let you know your departure date.

Can I buy my own tickets?

No, people traveling from Greece for Family Reunification still need to wait for a flight organized by the Dublin Unit.

Photos – ©DPA (top image) and ©AFP