Changes to cash assistance for people living in private accommodation in Attica

If you are living in private accommodation in Attica, the way you receive cash assistance may be changing.

The way you receive cash will stay the same if you are:

  • Living in an official camp
  • Living in accommodation run by UNHCR or a partner organization (If you are not sure, ask the organization running your accommodation.)

Starting September 1, 2017, refugees and asylum-seekers who live in private accommodation will have to take different steps to receive their monthly cash assistance.

Why is the way I get cash changing?

The organizations who previously distributed cash assistance have now come together to form the Greece Cash Alliance. Led by UNHCR, the Alliance delivers cash assistance in Greece.

Different members of the Greece Cash Alliance are responsible for distributing cash in different locations around Greece.

Care International has been managing cash assistance for people living in private accommodation in Attica.

But on September 1, 2017, another organization — the International Rescue Committee (IRC) — will start managing cash assistance in private accommodation in Attica.

What’s changing with my cash assistance?

The biggest change is the way you are certified on a monthly basis as eligible for cash.

Previously Care International visited your home each month to certify that you are still eligible for cash assistance.

After September 1, 2017, you must go to the IRC cash office in Athens each month to be certified. IRC will contact you to set an appointment for your monthly certification.

The appearance of your card will also change.

People who were receiving cash from Care International were registered by UNHCR and given a new card to replace their Care card.

The new cards look like this:

When do I get my next installment of cash?

Your card will be loaded again in September, after your monthly certification.

Will the amount of cash i receive change?

No, unless your family size changes.

Will these changes affect my eligibility for cash assistance?


Do I need to do anything now?

No. Your case will be automatically transferred to the IRC. They will contact you to explain your next steps, including when to come to the IRC cash office in Athens to certify yourself.

Can I go to the IRC cash office if I haven’t got an appointment?

You should only go to the IRC cash office if you have an appointment. The only way to get an appointment is for the IRC to call you and schedule one.

Going to the IRC cash office without an appointment can create delays in your verification process.

Photo: UNHCR Greece

I am on the list for cash assistance but am not yet getting it. What can I do?

If you already submitted your information for cash, the only thing you can do is wait.

There are currently long delays in enrolling people for cash assistance.

The IRC will give priority to people who registered for cash assistance before September and have not yet received it.

I live in private accommodation, but don’t currently receive cash assistance. Can I get cash?

As a refugee or asylum-seeker you are eligible for cash unless you:

  • Are living in a squat
  • Are under 18 and in Greece without your family
  • Were granted asylum before January 1, 2015
  • Have a regular, stable income from working
  • Have a restriction of movement order for the islands, but are currently on the mainland

If none of these are true about you, you are likely eligible for cash assistance.

You also need to have one of the following original unexpired documents:

  • Pre-Registration card (trifold)
  • Full-Registration card (trifold)
  • Police note (with photo and DIKA number)
  • Residence permit
I am eligible, but I haven’t registered for cash. How to I register?

If you think you are eligible to get cash, send a message Refugee.Info on Facebook.

If you have already given us your information, we have already put you in the system to be contacted.

We are not responsible for when you will be contacted by the IRC.