Meet the football team in Naples showing racism the red card ⚽

You might have heard of Afro-Napoli United: They're a team of Italians and migrants. They're unabashedly anti-racist. And they're also really good.

Seriously — check this out 👇👇👇

Wait for it...

After 4 years in the Girone B, the football team has recently been promoted to the Campania Eccellenza Girone A, the top amateur league at the regional level.

But the team's main focus is combatting discrimination and promoting coexistence between Neapolitans and migrants — both on and off the field.

Player Abdoulie Camara, from the Gambia, says Afro-Napoli is "a team that is fighting against racism where there are no blacks and whites – just players." © Jasper Fry

Afro-Napoli's players come from countries including Senegal, Ivory Coast, Cape Verde, Niger, Tunisia and, of course, Italy.

The club's vice-president Francesco Fasano explained what makes this project different: “If you do something with only immigrants you will create discrimination not the possibility of integration. That is why it is so important that in the team there are Italians and refugees.”

The team is vocally anti-racist, and so are its fans.

"We are political activists first and football fans second,” Afro-Napoli fan Luigi Mballato told Huck magazine.

Afro-Napoli President Antonio Gargiulo explains: “We are political – because everything is political ... Our success shows how integration works, that [migrants] are not a drain on society but a source of strength.”

Their strategy seems to be paying off.

But win or lose, Afro-Napoli United has become more than a football team. It's a family.

You can find out more about the team on their website, on Instagram @afronapoliunited or on Facebook.

Cover image (edited for size) by @peppe_iovino_pj.